Vrindavan Consciousness

Vrndavan consciousness 17 03 2018 Govardhana Eco village, Mumbai [18:02] Nice to meet you all, you are all residents of Vrndavan dhamaa, Govardhan Eco village is a village, you all stay in the village. You are villagers, Gokulvasis are also villagers. So also jungle here, some...
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Creation of Lord is His Lila

Creation of Lord is His Lila. 2008 Vrindavan [1:4:36] So this morning we are reading from Srimad Bhagavatam canto 3 chapter 26 text number 60 th , which is a short purport so we’ll move onto the next one also. So please repeat, ksut-pipase tatah syatam samudras tv etayor abhut...
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