Krsna’s idea is beneficial to everyone

Krsna’s idea is beneficial to everyone Mayapur [46:55] Reading from Bhagavad  Gita , Chapter 2 text number 9. Bhagavad Gita was said in morning and we are hearing in the evening.  We are seeing the Lord, we are seeing the Lord. You have all seen, where is He? So we all like to...
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Shikshashtak and Panca-tattva

Panca-tattva 28022019 [1.41.03] Sravan Utsava Mayapur Are you ready for the seminar? Your minds are here or going to the prasadam hall? Going to Bombay, Moscow. So tomorrow is, Panca tattva mahabhishek mahotsava ki jay! Abhishek happens every every day but maha maha-ahabhishek is...
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