Vyasa Puja 2020

Vyasa Puja 2020 Today’s day, Ashadi Ekadashi Mahotsav is the biggest day in the year for Lord Vitthala, Lord Panduranga. Panduranga! Panduranga! Why is it the biggest day? Today devotees of the Lord come in large numbers to see the Lord. It doesn’t sound right to call them...
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We have a long way to go

Venue: Pandharpur Dated: 23 rd July 2018 Occasion: Vyas pooja Jay Vitthala Vitthala Vitthala Mazya Vitthala Panduranga Hare Krsna all the assembled devotes, disciples, friends and followers. Have you heard me singing this song before? Jay Vitthala Vitthala Vitthala Mazya Vitthala...
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