Shikshashtak and Panca-tattva

Panca-tattva 28022019 [1.41.03] Sravan Utsava Mayapur Are you ready for the seminar? Your minds are here or going to the prasadam hall? Going to Bombay, Moscow. So tomorrow is, Panca tattva mahabhishek mahotsava ki jay! Abhishek happens every every day but maha maha-ahabhishek is...
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Sign Says Matchless Gift

Sign says matchless gift Venue: Den Haag, Netherland Dated: April 26, 2016 You all are welcome. I see some old faces, lot of new faces also. And some faces I don’t see them here, maybe they are on their way. It’s a very special year, this year. You know what is so special about...
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