Srila Prabhupada took sannyas for the benefit of the whole world

Venue: Pune Srila Prabhupada ki jay!! Srila Prabhupada did most of his classes also in English, not many knew in the audience. 50 years ago, he also on the occasion of his sannyas ceremony in Mathura, he also had spoken in English. So this is yet another reason for us to speak in...
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Ultimate Dharma is Devotional Service- Bhakti of Lord Krishna.

Venue: ISKCON Nagpur Dated: 18 June 2015 Day 3: Tulasi krishna priya namo namah…..(Gurudev singing) “Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya….” Hare Krishna, Purushottam masa is it only for matajis? No! It’s for all of us. In this creation of Lord Purushottam men and women both are...
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