Shikshashtak and Panca-tattva

Panca-tattva 28022019 [1.41.03] Sravan Utsava Mayapur Are you ready for the seminar? Your minds are here or going to the prasadam hall? Going to Bombay, Moscow. So tomorrow is, Panca tattva mahabhishek mahotsava ki jay! Abhishek happens every every day but maha maha-ahabhishek is...
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Glories of Mayapur Dhama

Glories of Mayapur dhama Venue: Mayapur Dated: December 28, 2018 Occasion: Annual yatra, First session Gaurabhakta Vrnda ki…. ..Jai Don’t just say Hari but say Gaura Hari. Who are Gaurbhakta Vrnda? The devotees of Gaura Hari are called Gaura Bhakta and many devotees of...
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kirtaniyasada Hari is done by su-medhasah

kirtaniyasadaHari is done by su-medhasah Venue: Mayapur Dated: 16 Feb, 2018 We are in Mayapur and we are busy with kirtanmela also. So we have this verse selected from 11th canto, chapter5, verse 32. I am confident that you are familiar with this verse. You have to be. You are...
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