Disappearance day of Sri Ramananda Raya

Disappearance day of Sri Ramananda Raya 29052013 Vrndavan svabhavika prema donhara udaya karila dunha alingiya dunhe bhumite padila [CC Madhya Lila 8.23] So translation and purport by Srila Prabhupada ki …jai. Translation: Their natural love for each other was awakened in them...
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Glories of Lord Parasurama

Glories of Lord Parasurama Mayapur Haribol everybody, Hare Krsna. Welcome and Thank you for joining us. Hari hari, and those who have joined include some very senior exalted vaisnavas, making my job difficult talking in their presence. But I pray unto them also, “Please bless me,...
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